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March 12, 2019 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 12/03/19
New Albums
-Dragon Prince (17 images)
-Karera Sakunami (2 images)
-Miko Kubota (13 images)
-Shade (7 images)
-Alakshmi (12 images)
-Allie Underhill (10 images)
-Thea (7 images)
-Mousse (29 images)
-Emporio Ivankov (7 images)

Updated Albums

New Doujins
-PM Gals Ash Colorized
-Shiawase Punch! Incomplete
-DragonQuest Of Nakedness. G&B

Article Comments
x hunter [12:55 | 03.14.2019]

kaijudo has been over for a long time, no?
Drago5986 [19:21 | 03.13.2019]

It was a simple fun reimagining of Duel Masters that I enjoyed but that be reality the good stuff gets canceled to soon
x hunter [23:43 | 03.12.2019]

well, theres this artist RelatedDude, that kept pumping kaijudo pics for an entire session. now theres enough to warrant galleries.

interestingly enough, i finished watching that serie not too long ago
Drago5986 [18:54 | 03.12.2019]

Interesting to see some Kaijudo galleries put in.
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