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April 13, 2019 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 13/04/19
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-Advertising Mascots (8 images)
-Lise (3 images)
-Mana Series (8 images)
-Ecchi (5 images)
-Gundam Armor (10 images)
-Rika Nonaka (4 images)
-Angel (4 images)
-Téa Gardner (2 images)
-Angela (2 images)
-Sugar (36 images)
-The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2 images)
-Felicia (8 images)
-Yuyaki (2 images)
-He-Man (7 images)

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Article Comments
dachshundboy [19:52 | 05.18.2019]

Oh, and before I forget, all the pending doujins that I approved were also lost; there were only 6, so it’s not THAT big of a hit, but just a heads up
dachshundboy [19:50 | 05.18.2019]

I was mainly focusing on getting a big chunk of Ben's bulk uploads out of the way; Meiko, Sugar, etc. I know I approved around 500 images
Chuy [13:04 | 05.18.2019]

Pretty glad I decided to wait for a successful update before uploading anything, now.
x hunter [11:16 | 05.18.2019]

aw nuts
so we lost what was approved
well at least for me i only lost 60 images (of 1300)
i dunno about others tough
dachshundboy [09:15 | 05.18.2019]

Well, shit.

AerisDies [04:38 | 05.18.2019]

So this goes without saying, don't upload or moderate anything before i give the go ahead.

i'm testing a few things right now and will slowly give the go ahead and on what function is restored and safe to use.
AerisDies [04:36 | 05.18.2019]

now the new default settings, without getting too technical, deal with security. i can instantly turn off the new security settings and restore the site back exactly like it was 100% before the move.

though it's probably better if keep them on and fix the database/coding to work with the new security settings. it's the harder path but imo, the correct one.
AerisDies [04:36 | 05.18.2019]

welp bad news. whatever was uploaded and approved after I said go ahead is probably not going to be recoverable... maybe... it might be later on in the future but that is long story for another time.

so i found out the issue was when the server was upgraded, the database had some new default settings. in my hubris i decided to ignore them and thought the code will be fine. i was wrong.
dachshundboy [19:37 | 05.17.2019]

I will say that I did approve sever dozen Meiko images, along with many others.
x hunter [19:01 | 05.17.2019]

got it
AerisDies [18:19 | 05.17.2019]

Upon further inspection. I do not recommend uploading images at this time.
x hunter [15:11 | 05.17.2019]

i see that

i think that happened to another album. forgot which one but i remember the blanks were created at the creation of the album. on the other hand, all the image uploaded for the creation of the album where there, nothing was missing. its just that it suddenly had blanks of extra in it.
BigStudBen [14:49 | 05.17.2019]

For the Record I left the Setting where the Oldest Images are 1st & the Newest Images are Last.

So when I click on the Last Image (or the Newest) of Meiko Shiraki: http://www.aerisdies.com/img.php?a=14149&n=410#img

And go further I notice the Pages are blank like this: http://www.aerisdies.com/img.php?a=14149&n=411#img
BigStudBen [14:29 | 05.17.2019]

I just checked out the Album for Meiko Shiraki, & I notice the Pages 9 & 10 are blank. Not sure what that means, but yeah... <3
x hunter [13:21 | 05.17.2019]

so, are we now authorized to upload images?
Bigsexybanana [05:12 | 05.17.2019]

Autocorrect miss said some words
Bigsexybanana [05:11 | 05.17.2019]

Haven't seen anything new since the fix. Im checking daily. And the old phone I use,for my account for here. Yesterday dropped it, fell screen down, thinking "ive dropped it many times, it should be fine" guy a part of me knew differently. Definitely crack and the weeks not done. I know this is random but... Whatever.
dachshundboy [01:33 | 05.17.2019]

Honestly, I don’t know if these bugs are just because I’m on the public server now, with the old mod server allowing me to see the updates being applied in real time
dachshundboy [01:32 | 05.17.2019]

Ok, sounds good
AerisDies [01:07 | 05.17.2019]

okay, let me deal with these bugs. At this time go ahead and don't approve anything else.
dachshundboy [23:04 | 05.16.2019]

Another bug: if I approve a pending album, I cannot find it in the pending images; it quite literally vanishes and I can’t approve any images for them
dachshundboy [22:55 | 05.16.2019]

Don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s just because I've been using the Mod server so long that I forgot, but I can no longer see the images I approve in their albums as soon as I approve them.

Regardless, expect a massive 500 image update tomorrow (hopefully). After that, I’m immediately going into approving images for April's Dump.
dachshundboy [22:49 | 05.16.2019]

Ok, one bug that I’ve found is that trying to ban a person (this guy just keeps coming back under dozens of different usernames, and uploads duplicate images, and has never once spoken to us through the comments) now tells me to go to the now non-existent moderator server
dachshundboy [22:46 | 05.16.2019]

A quick cursory glance shows no errors.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to approve a couple hundred images
AerisDies [20:38 | 05.16.2019]

go go go

let me know of errors
dachshundboy [18:36 | 05.16.2019]

It’s not even a matter of permission; I literally can’t even access the 2945 images, 5 doujins, and 7 albums that are currently pending, so I can’t even tell myself if the images are or are not corrupted
x hunter [18:05 | 05.16.2019]

when Dach gets the GO from the admin and when we are able to upload new stuff

... im starting to worry that the pending images i have will get corrupted meanwhile
goldplayer [15:08 | 05.16.2019]

when will we get an new update??
dachshundboy [03:56 | 05.16.2019]

Yes, I’d put the astro girls into anthromorphs
x hunter [00:54 | 05.16.2019]

also, Elemental girls wouldn't be a good fit for that.
because they aren't elements made into girls but rather girls made of an element. they aren't the anthropomorphism of an element, just females composed of it.
like the elemental summon from final fantasy for example.

well, except the polar vortex.
that one is an anthropomorphism.
x hunter [00:53 | 05.16.2019]

i know that on some boorus, they call such images with the tag "Humanized" and variants of that.
however, just that word cannot stand by itself while "Anthropomorphs" can stand by itself.

anyway, once that album is created, should i create the "Astronomy girls" album there rather than underneath Earth chan?
Chuy [20:49 | 05.15.2019]

That seems like it would make the most sense.

Obviously, any proper franchise that features anthropomorphizations (Kantai Collection or Cells at Work, ferex) should have albums in their respective categories, but a folder in Random would serve as a neat catch-all for the rest.
dachshundboy [19:39 | 05.15.2019]

Ok, I gave it some thought, and I think that in Random, there should be an album called "Anthromorphs", where we can dump in all anthromorphisized images; if I could move albums, that’s where I’d put Elemental girls, etc.

As it is, it should serve for a good Hub album for any future things people come up with, as well as a place to put one-off images
x hunter [16:06 | 05.15.2019]

oh dear
remember the conversation at the bottom of this page about the astronomy girls? astronomic objects being anthropomorphized?
well now, i got the tchernobyl accident.

i get the feeling that, to cater for future anthropomorphisms, i think we'd need a folder in Random for all of those.

now, what would it be named?
Chuy [23:32 | 05.13.2019]

I had high hopes when the text at the top of the main page disappeared, but that was days ago and there hasn't been much of anything since.

What's the word, AD admin?
neoravencroft [21:43 | 05.13.2019]

So do we have an estimated time on when the site will be fully functional again?
dachshundboy [15:22 | 05.11.2019]

At least the server transfer has already happened. Just a matter of time now
x hunter [11:25 | 05.11.2019]

Dawn of the 5th week
Tenshii [13:05 | 05.10.2019]

We back?! Sweet, missed this site <3
dachshundboy [20:00 | 05.09.2019]

Still says temporarily disabled when I go to approve images. Besides, even if it didn’t, I would wait until I heard from the admin before I did anything anyway
x hunter [15:21 | 05.09.2019]

anyway, is the site back or not?
dachshundboy [02:47 | 05.09.2019]

Honestly, most of what I remember is you use < > to begin a feature and < / > to end it
x hunter [22:42 | 05.08.2019]

i took programming classes too
but that was at least 12 years ago
i lost every knowledge i had
dachshundboy [21:02 | 05.08.2019]

The last time I ever took a computer programming class was when I was in high school. I can’t even remember what year I was in, but either way would’ve been at least 13 years ago. It was only the bare-bones stuff too: create several pages, and create links between them. Certainly nothing as complex as designing an image upload and organization website
dachshundboy [21:00 | 05.08.2019]

Yup, you’re right Drago. It’s an easy enough fix, I believe. It was happening for the main albums and general Favorites a while back, so it’s probably very easy for the code to be fixed
x hunter [19:52 | 05.08.2019]

aaah ok
now i understand

and i didn't even know the favorites could do that
Drago5986 [15:39 | 05.08.2019]

X Hunter if you got to specific people in your favorites it will do it. The normal favorite area doesn't seem to do it.
dachshundboy [01:14 | 05.08.2019]

So I should move back into this one? I don’t want to delete the link for the mod server I have bookmarked until I’m absolutely certain it’s unnecessary
AerisDies [00:58 | 05.08.2019]

yup, going forward, modserver won't be needed anymore but i'll need to fix the coding to reflect that.
dachshundboy [00:34 | 05.08.2019]

I don’t want to give out the address here, but I assume you know the one I’m talking about
dachshundboy [00:32 | 05.08.2019]

Well, the mod server is still down, but the main site seems to be up. Haven’t logged into this version in a long time
x hunter [23:39 | 05.07.2019]

that doesn't happen to me
Chuy [20:46 | 05.07.2019]

Well, the numbering in Favorites categories is still off (ie, you click the first image in a favorite album and it brings you to a blank 0/whatever). Dunno if that was supposed to get fixed or not.
x hunter [20:40 | 05.07.2019]

can't upload images
x hunter [19:15 | 05.07.2019]

anyway, im glad its back
just waiting for the green light to start uploading
x hunter [19:13 | 05.07.2019]

well, when i got into my "contribute" function to see the albums i have, and then click on "add image", it says "temporary disabled" instead of "Invalid" for closed doujins and does not allow me to add images for image albums.
AerisDies [17:22 | 05.07.2019]

well that took a while but the site is on the new server. however before i open everything back up. can people go around and see if you guys see any issues?
Butters [12:03 | 05.07.2019]

no updates the next time?
neoravencroft [19:12 | 05.06.2019]

So is this site gonna get done updating or not?
x hunter [10:59 | 05.05.2019]

hope so

"Dawn of the fourth week"
Subzy1989 [10:58 | 05.05.2019]

hopefully the site dont stay down for to long
x hunter [11:50 | 05.03.2019]

me, i mostly remember that most of my pending images had become corrupted and had to be removed.
its pretty bad for someone like me who doesn't necessarily keep them AND upload a LOT
Drago5986 [02:32 | 05.03.2019]

I agree with Chuy having to refavorite was a pain last time and there is no way im going to be able to get them all again
dragonmaster1 [01:45 | 05.03.2019]

I've had this account since 07 so I've never noticed anything like this before
Chuy [20:11 | 05.02.2019]

Same here. The long dark, when we had no updates, hell IIRC the accounts were basically all wiped. I do remember having to hunt down my old favorites and re-favorite them.

I sure hope that doesn't happen this time.
chaosofdarkness [19:58 | 05.02.2019]

Ah, this aint too bad I remember when the site wasn't updated foy years and I only came on cause it had some pictures I couldn't find anywhere else
Nutjob324 [17:46 | 05.02.2019]

Zer0TheNumber [17:17 | 05.02.2019]

I'm of the same opinion: i've been browsing this site since 2008ish, and some downtime won't make me leave :P
Tenshii [15:54 | 05.02.2019]

I usually check in every couple days, but I don't think I would ever not stop by. I've been coming here for years just never made an account until today. I think the public won't leave just because it's inactive for a bit. Just my 2 cents.
BigStudBen [06:30 | 05.02.2019]

It's not the 1st time that this Site went into Hiatus Mode. <3
x hunter [20:13 | 05.01.2019]

i just hope it won't chase away the few public we managed to get over time
x hunter [20:09 | 05.01.2019]

i check in after 3 days

but yeah, it feels like it'll be ANOTHER long death
dachshundboy [15:09 | 05.01.2019]

Honestly, I have no clue. I still check in a couple of times a day, but so far there has been no change
jimmysalilgirl [14:22 | 05.01.2019]

So, this website is just dead then?
x hunter [11:15 | 04.30.2019]

dragonmaster1 [02:48 | 04.30.2019]

Does anyone know when updates are happening again
x hunter [01:06 | 04.30.2019]

aaand i just went to see endgame too
someone in my family was going and invited everyone that wanted to come.
didn't have to pay a cent
dachshundboy [01:09 | 04.29.2019]

Just went to see Endgame, and I for one was shocked that Ironman was actually Tony Stark this entire time! 😱

In all seriousness though, go see though my personal recommendation would be to rewatch Infinity War immediately before you do so
dachshundboy [19:58 | 04.28.2019]

No way to tell
x hunter [19:57 | 04.28.2019]

i hope this won't be like the time that the site was down for months
x hunter [15:17 | 04.26.2019]

tomorrow, we start week 3
x hunter [13:11 | 04.24.2019]

i think ive got like 200 images stocked
and thats not counting the artist's entire stash i downloaded just before the server upgrade.

ive got this many and i haven't touched my usual circuit once
if i had, i bet i'd be in the 500s
BigStudBen [04:52 | 04.24.2019]


Chuy [00:19 | 04.24.2019]

I've collected a number of images as well, with more to download once there's more of a point to doing so. There's a couple of albums in particular that will hopefully double in size.
dachshundboy [23:49 | 04.23.2019]

Same. I have a preview of an Axsens image that I’m keen to upload
x hunter [21:13 | 04.23.2019]

will we be able to upload soon? my "waiting pile" is starting to get significantly big
x hunter [11:52 | 04.23.2019]

i know!

ive lurked there long enough to know that its solely a cesspool of negativity.
moreso the non-porn boards since all they can do is discuss their hate.
if you want to hate something you go there.

the Susie thread is pretty much an exception.
Chuy [00:08 | 04.23.2019]

I know it happens sometimes, but I'm always surprised to hear "4chan" and "wholesome" in the same sentence.
x hunter [20:46 | 04.22.2019]

same here
i love romantic stuff
still needs sex but when its colored with romantism, its supreme.

reminds me of the Susie (from deltarune) threads on 4chan /trash/
filled with wholesome
dachshundboy [20:30 | 04.22.2019]

Had to look it up, but yeah. I liked it because deep down, I’m definitely a Romantic
x hunter [13:21 | 04.22.2019]

on another subject
Dach, i got my hands on the sequels to Vanilla Fantasy doujin
i know you enjoyed that one

i guess it'll be a series now
x hunter [12:54 | 04.22.2019]

pretty much THE place where i get the bigs images tough im not diligent at all to get everything.
another of my "secret places" is

thats where all the palcomix stuff is
x hunter [12:52 | 04.22.2019]

while i don't have sakimichan's patreon (i don't have a patreon account anyway)
i just know WHERE to get it
(note : there was a server crash earlier this year so the early images are down)

the rest of the board has threads dedicated to other popular artists
BigStudBen [10:01 | 04.22.2019]

This is what I've been doing since this Site's Downtime:

I've been also been Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch. And Fire Emblem Heroes & Runescape on my Cellphone. <3
dachshundboy [01:33 | 04.22.2019]

I grabbed that one already; I was more referring to the patreon exclusive stuff, where the images are 3-4k

I appreciate the thought though. ❤️
BigStudBen [01:26 | 04.22.2019]


dachshundboy [00:47 | 04.22.2019]

I don’t usually make requests but

dachshundboy [00:39 | 04.22.2019]

So Sakimichan just posted on their twitter an image of Ezra Scarlet dressed as Jessica Rabbit, and I’m in love. I don’t have their Patreon, but I’m fairly certain Hunter does, so I’m really looking forward to when we can upload images again.
Slice [19:13 | 04.21.2019]

Finally, Tea Gardner <3
x hunter [01:57 | 04.21.2019]

Rilex Lenov? cool!

ive got a few of his gardevoir and splatoon pictures but i didn't know about a comic
Crusnik05 [02:33 | 04.20.2019]

Thanks, I got a hold of Rilex Lenov's first comic so ready to upload once this update happens
dachshundboy [09:50 | 04.19.2019]

I’m not certain about the file size limit, but doujins are uploaded on a page by page basis, so it’s critical that you’re uploading them in the correct order
Crusnik05 [02:06 | 04.19.2019]

Need a reminder on two things
1. What is the file size limit for an image?
2. Can you upload doujins image by image or is it a single file sort of deal?
BigStudBen [19:17 | 04.18.2019]

Sounds Good to me... But if I've Learn anything in my Lifetime, no 1 should really count their Chickens before they Hatched. I haven't forgotten that 1 time when mass Deletion of Photos because of some sort of Error or Glitch had happen in the Past on Aeris Dies. So please forgive me for having Baited Breath until this is Over & Successful. No Rush, just be Careful, Diligent & Understanding. <3
x hunter [12:40 | 04.18.2019]

dachshundboy [04:42 | 04.18.2019]

Just so you guys know, once I can approve images, you’re all going to be treated to probably the biggest update I’ve ever approved in 5+ years. I’m talking at /least/ 300-500 images.

Just for the first update, though. All subsequent will be in the usual 50-100 range
x hunter [10:31 | 04.16.2019]

okay, will do

and yeah, never expected that the friggin Black Hole would get a gijinka. sure, there were other planet girls when earth-chan was created but they were minor character at best with no sexy images.
that the black hole blew up like that in popularity was quite the surprise.

also, that setting reminds me of Tinkerbell and the subalbum Pixie Hollow. pretty much the same situation
dachshundboy [22:29 | 04.15.2019]

If I had known Earth-Chan was going to get sisters one day, I absolutely would’ve established the framework for that. Being the most popular of them though, we can least get the other girls noticed /through/ her.

So yeah, I’d say make an Astronomy Girls album inside the Earth-Chan album, and once that gets approved, create the Blackhole-Chan album inside of that
x hunter [10:49 | 04.15.2019]

mmm.... that sounds like a name from an actual anime. heck theres the group "Celestial Beings" from Gundam.

how about "Planets girls" or "Astronomy girls"?

so, you suggest a whole album for planet girls and other astronomy gijinka?

dachshundboy [05:24 | 04.15.2019]

If you’re asking where her album should go, I’d say make her a sub album of earth-Chan’s, though maybe call it something from which we can create other planet-Chan albums from as needed. Maybe call it Celestial Girls?
BigStudBen [04:41 | 04.15.2019]

Good Luck. <3
x hunter [12:39 | 04.14.2019]

on another subject : what about black hole-chan?
dachshundboy [04:47 | 04.14.2019]

Ok, I seem to have located something that’s been missed; people can still create pending albums, even though they are prevented from adding images to them.
dachshundboy [01:13 | 04.14.2019]

Ok, I can confirm on my end that all my various attempts at getting to the pending images failed, so I guess I’m on mod vacation? If I find a back way into the pending images, I’ll let you know, but it looks like all the bases are covered at this time.
x hunter [15:50 | 04.13.2019]

got it
AerisDies [15:38 | 04.13.2019]

The hardware for our servers will be upgraded and is a bit of a process... so moderation and uploading will be disabled until the upgrade is done.

If you are able to upload and or moderate still, please let me know so I can patch it before I move the site over to the new hardware.
x hunter [12:20 | 04.13.2019]

on another subject
i just found out about this

Bubblegum crisis concert

man, retro anime is just so much fun!
x hunter [12:04 | 04.13.2019]

ok, i need an opinion

everyone knows of the black hole photo recently shown?
people are making sexy gijinka (because of course)

now, where to put it?

ive seen a few images with earth-chan so there maybe?
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