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April 13, 2019 - New Images, Albums, and Doujins - 13/04/19
New Albums

Updated Albums
-Advertising Mascots (8 images)
-Lise (3 images)
-Mana Series (8 images)
-Ecchi (5 images)
-Gundam Armor (10 images)
-Rika Nonaka (4 images)
-Angel (4 images)
-Téa Gardner (2 images)
-Angela (2 images)
-Sugar (36 images)
-The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2 images)
-Felicia (8 images)
-Yuyaki (2 images)
-He-Man (7 images)

New Doujins

Article Comments
x hunter [01:57 | 04.21.2019]

Rilex Lenov? cool!

ive got a few of his gardevoir and splatoon pictures but i didn't know about a comic
Crusnik05 [02:33 | 04.20.2019]

Thanks, I got a hold of Rilex Lenov's first comic so ready to upload once this update happens
dachshundboy [09:50 | 04.19.2019]

I’m not certain about the file size limit, but doujins are uploaded on a page by page basis, so it’s critical that you’re uploading them in the correct order
Crusnik05 [02:06 | 04.19.2019]

Need a reminder on two things
1. What is the file size limit for an image?
2. Can you upload doujins image by image or is it a single file sort of deal?
BigStudBen [19:17 | 04.18.2019]

Sounds Good to me... But if I've Learn anything in my Lifetime, no 1 should really count their Chickens before they Hatched. I haven't forgotten that 1 time when mass Deletion of Photos because of some sort of Error or Glitch had happen in the Past on Aeris Dies. So please forgive me for having Baited Breath until this is Over & Successful. No Rush, just be Careful, Diligent & Understanding. <3
x hunter [12:40 | 04.18.2019]

dachshundboy [04:42 | 04.18.2019]

Just so you guys know, once I can approve images, you’re all going to be treated to probably the biggest update I’ve ever approved in 5+ years. I’m talking at /least/ 300-500 images.

Just for the first update, though. All subsequent will be in the usual 50-100 range
x hunter [10:31 | 04.16.2019]

okay, will do

and yeah, never expected that the friggin Black Hole would get a gijinka. sure, there were other planet girls when earth-chan was created but they were minor character at best with no sexy images.
that the black hole blew up like that in popularity was quite the surprise.

also, that setting reminds me of Tinkerbell and the subalbum Pixie Hollow. pretty much the same situation
dachshundboy [22:29 | 04.15.2019]

If I had known Earth-Chan was going to get sisters one day, I absolutely would’ve established the framework for that. Being the most popular of them though, we can least get the other girls noticed /through/ her.

So yeah, I’d say make an Astronomy Girls album inside the Earth-Chan album, and once that gets approved, create the Blackhole-Chan album inside of that
x hunter [10:49 | 04.15.2019]

mmm.... that sounds like a name from an actual anime. heck theres the group "Celestial Beings" from Gundam.

how about "Planets girls" or "Astronomy girls"?

so, you suggest a whole album for planet girls and other astronomy gijinka?

dachshundboy [05:24 | 04.15.2019]

If you’re asking where her album should go, I’d say make her a sub album of earth-Chan’s, though maybe call it something from which we can create other planet-Chan albums from as needed. Maybe call it Celestial Girls?
BigStudBen [04:41 | 04.15.2019]

Good Luck. <3
x hunter [12:39 | 04.14.2019]

on another subject : what about black hole-chan?
dachshundboy [04:47 | 04.14.2019]

Ok, I seem to have located something that’s been missed; people can still create pending albums, even though they are prevented from adding images to them.
dachshundboy [01:13 | 04.14.2019]

Ok, I can confirm on my end that all my various attempts at getting to the pending images failed, so I guess I’m on mod vacation? If I find a back way into the pending images, I’ll let you know, but it looks like all the bases are covered at this time.
x hunter [15:50 | 04.13.2019]

got it
AerisDies [15:38 | 04.13.2019]

The hardware for our servers will be upgraded and is a bit of a process... so moderation and uploading will be disabled until the upgrade is done.

If you are able to upload and or moderate still, please let me know so I can patch it before I move the site over to the new hardware.
x hunter [12:20 | 04.13.2019]

on another subject
i just found out about this

Bubblegum crisis concert

man, retro anime is just so much fun!
x hunter [12:04 | 04.13.2019]

ok, i need an opinion

everyone knows of the black hole photo recently shown?
people are making sexy gijinka (because of course)

now, where to put it?

ive seen a few images with earth-chan so there maybe?
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